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About Health First Europe

Health First Europe is a non-profit, non-commercial alliance of patients, healthcare workers, academics and healthcare experts and the medical technology industry.

We aim to ensure that equitable access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology and healthcare is regarded as a vital investment in the future of Europe. We call for truly patient-centred healthcare and believe that every European citizen should benefit from the best medical treatments available.

  • Innovating for sustainable healthcare systems in Europe
  • Healthcare practitioners are a key factor for innovating in new models of delivering healthcare services
  • Patient-centric solutions for sustainable health systems
  • Consistently valorising quality health is the cornerstone of a productive Europe
  • "Health equals wealth". Health is a productive economic factor in terms of employment, innovation and economic growth

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John Bowis, Honorary President of Health First Europe

John Bowis, Honorary President of Health First Europe

Launch of ‘E-Quality in E-Health’ brochure | 05 Feb 2014


17 January 2014

by John Bowis, Honorary President of Health First Europe In 2014, Health First Europe will celebrate 10 years of working to ensure the well-being of European citizens by fostering access to the most innovative technologies to prevent, diagnose, monitor, manage, treat and cure diseases.  Our work this year will continue to build upon our belief that “health is wealth” by aiming for more sustainable healthcare in Europe, supporting patients to seek [...]

Patient's Corner

  • Paralysed men move again with spinal stimulation

    By James Gallagher | April 2014

    Four paralysed men have been able to move their legs for the first time in years after electrical stimulation of their spinal cords, US doctors report. They were ...