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New Advisory Committee and honorary Vice-Presidents for HFE elected

21 January 2009

On 16 January 2009, HFE held a conference call meeting for the members of the Executive Committee (EXCOM). The aims of this EXCOM meeting were to elect both the new Advisory Committee (ADCOM) and three honorary HFE Vice-Presidents.

As a result of the discussions in the conference call, it has been decided that the new ADCOM members are:

  • Judy Birch (PPN)
  • Roy Bridges (MTG)
  • Mark Grossien (EUCOMED)
  • Paul de Raeve (EFN)
  • Sebastian Rohde (Individual HFE Member)
  • Jos Spaan (EAMBES)
  • Zeger Vercouteren (EUCOMED)

In addition, the three honorary Vice-Presidents are:

  • Bert van Caelenberg (EUROFEDOP)
  • Jos Spaan (EAMBES)
  • Albert van der Zeijden (IAPO)

The HFE Secretariat welcomes the new ADCOM members and the Vice-Presidents and looks forward to working with them in the coming months

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